Richmond Farmers & Makers Market

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Every Saturday 9am – 3pm in the Town Hall, Richmond, Tasmania

Michelle from

"Back in high school I was the only girl in the metal works class. So began a lifelong fascination with non-cooking non-sewing crafts! I spent two years learning metal smithing, another three working with pewter, then a year of sculpture and design.   Consequently, I am a lousy cook!    

Then two years ago I came upon an antique chainmaille purse. From that day onwards I wanted to be a chainmailler!

At first I was buying manufactured jumprings, but I now painstakingly make my own. This involves hand-coiling wire around a mandrel (I have metal mandrels but also use knitting needles for size) and then hand-cutting the coil with a jewellers saw to create individual rings. I then weave my chainmaille with two hand pliers to open and close each ring.

My Jewellery pieces are like my children, they all have names and history. They are individual, beautiful and durable. Chainmaille has been around for two thousand years, possibly longer (the Celts are often credited with inventing it). It is traditionally thought of as armour not jewellery! However I am hoping to help keep this incredibly old skill alive in a contemporary way.

Jewellery is my passion, however I also love to make purses, and am currently devising a line of male Jewellery, including keyrings, pouches and wallet chains. I have also begun experimenting with some wire wrapping techniques. Look out for more wire wrapping in the future!

You can find me at the Richmond market every Saturday, where you can buy an individual piece of completely hand-made chainmaille made with love!  Not your colour or size? I am very happy to make to order. My email address is "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".

See you at the Market. Cheers Michelle"

Chainmaille purse

Chainmaille necklace



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Richmond Farmers and Makers Market

Visiting Richmond? Find all the information you need on the Richmond Village website

Visiting Richmond? Find all the information you need on the Richmond Village website

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